To the editor:

This is in response to Karen Porter's letter about the stimulus, as you were fortunate not to qualify for it. Unfortunately, most of us did qualify for the stimulus. And unfortunately I was one of those that did not ever receive any of it. I did not even receive my 2019 IRS refund or my 2020 refund. But, then again that is OK, according to people like you.

I watch and see others that have not worked for years, and they receive all of the government handouts. As I have worked all of my life, paid taxes, why do I not get anything?

I just want my tax refunds. I filed my return e-file, and they still refuse that?

Do you have anything to say about that?

Tammy Shackford

North Conway

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You are not alone. I too never received any "Relief" money over the last year or so. I was, however, "lucky" to be one of those considered "essential" which meant I could keep working and paying taxes and take my chances with the Covid virus.

By the way, I did finally catch the virus and was in isolation for 2+ weeks, and survive unscathed. Still no check in the mail.

One day we will look back at this little adventure in mass population control and wonder what it was all about and if it was in fact effective. Or, was it the first in what will be our slow walk into a more Socialist Republic.

Do you think all of those that weren't working before the pandemic sent those checks back?

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