To the editor:

You recently published a short but critical letter headlined, “Has Sun columnist William Marvel crossed the line?” It referred to a column entitled, “Panic Inc.” about the tendency of the media to focus on alarming events, a tendency captured in the age-old children’s story of Chicken Little.

When the media succumbs to this tendency, it promotes fear. As if things weren’t bad enough already with the divisive political and psychological warfare that goes on in government, online and on cable news outlets.

Our country is in difficult straits. Fear and division can make that situation much worse. In the last century, we have seen just how much worse, with despotic governments reigning in various places around the world.

Please get a grip. We can resist dependence on alarmist media and stick to the factual reporting that is there if we want it. If we do not feed the monster, it will not grow. For entertainment, there is the world of fiction, seen for what it is, just fiction. Better are the constructive efforts of many in our country and communities. That could well be the only way we get through all that confronts us.

Sam Farrington


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