To the editor:

The recent responses by some to President Joe Biden’s college loan forgiveness plan are demeaning and extremely insulting. Gov. Chris Sununu said, “President Biden did not cancel student debt he transferred it on to the backs of millions of hard-working Americans who chose not to go to college for expensive degrees.” Those who went to college are not hardworking Americans? These and others spouting similar degrading comments are only doing so for political reasons.

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"People go to college to get a degree that is required for their career, serve their community and hopefully a better life."

Yes, they do. But what does that have to do with keeping your legally binding, contractual, financial agreements?

If in fact, people with college degrees earn an average salary 10-20% higher than those that don't, why do those that don't get completely passed over?

Does having a degree make you "better" than the rest of us who chose a different path?

Where can I go to get some "loan forgiveness" for my home, car, or children's college education that I paid for?

Grow up already and be responsible for your own decisions. Stop making excuses about how hard your life is. Nobody forced you to go to college or told you what to major in.

And if the colleges are charging ridiculously high tuition for degrees that don’t have any chance of an ROI, then look to them for remittance.

It’s well past time for colleges to have “skin in the game”. Let them finance themselves and secure the loans.


What about those of us who paid our way and our kids way through college? What of us? How does this not divide us? I worked incredibly hard to do so. You get your debt wiped? Not fair. Socialism is weaving its way through our society.

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