To the editor:

Climate change dominates the discussion of Earth’s future.

But no amount of climate-change effort and no amount of greening of energy sources will change the fact that Earth’s carrying capacity is limited. And, we have already exceeded that capacity viewed in the long term. The Earth is overpopulated.

The average global per-person carbon footprint is 4.9 metric tons per year. Multiplied by 82 million persons, which is the net population gain each year, one gets a low estimate of almost 402 million metric tons of additional carbon emissions added to the planet annually.

Every time a new solution is invented to reduce greenhouse gases, the added population eats up the gains that the new technology promised to deliver.

If you reduce individual output of greenhouse gases, and you increase the number of individuals using energy, you cannot stay ahead in this race against the clock.

One million people are added to our already overpopulated planet every 4.5 days (

If climate change is the fire, overpopulation is the fuel.

Roderick Forsman


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Choose the Future!

Human population is only a problem in as far as more people means a bigger economy. It's human economic activity that directly causes the problems. Even if/when human population stops growing the economy will keep growing because it must, it's structured that way. see:

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