To the editor:

As a New Hampshire resident, I am for expanding the valley’s multicultural environment and its image overall. Now that the Biden administration is working diligently to help migrants who have travelled great distances to relocate to areas along the Canadian border, I hope they consider the North Conway area.

We have a plethora of available hotels that can comfortably accommodate families who are wanting to start a new life in this wonderful country. What better location then North Conway?

The valley has an excellent school system, a great amount of retail jobs, and a large amount of grocery stores that can comfortably accommodate the new families.

I want my taxpayer dollars to help these folks as much as possible, and North Conway isn’t all about tourism. These families can bring to the valley, their trade experiences and work experience. It's about blending cultures and opening our valley to a whole new world.

It would make me feel better knowing that these children would be receiving excellent education from our school system, and for these families to be raising their children in a safe and wonderful community.

Robin Heather

North Conway

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As I read this I couldn't help but think the author was being satirical.

Otherwise, why would you bring all of the social pressures that come with artificially injecting a huge new population into an already struggling community?

You make it sound like this would be easy with no deleterious impact and any of the already stretched resources of the Conway's.

Meanwhile, we already have issues with the current influx of "Permanent" tourists and STR's that haven't been addressed.

So, as I said, this was either satire or you may be slightly insane...


If you are a tax paying second home owner from Mass stay the heck away. But, if you are a skill lacking, border jumper, with a 10% COVID rate come on up we need you. Democrat logic really helping the country proper.

Sharon N

I'm all for this so long as the folks who want immigrants here like Robin call DHS and offer to sponsor an immigrant family. This means being financially responsible for them so that they do not require public assistance now or in the future. All you need to do is provide them with a place to live, food, clothing, utilities, living expenses, and pay for their health care until they can support themselves, and then be there as backup in case they need assistance in the future. Robin put your money where your mouth is, and do not expect taxpayers to support the new migrants.


Me thinks the author of the letter was doing some race-baiting. And as for socialjustice4me, patriarchy? Really? What have you done for the poor of the world? Have you work among them? Maybe a year in the peace corp? No, folks like you want OTHERS to do for 'them'. And then complain not enough is being done. I encourage you to at least adopt someone in a developing country and contribue 19.00 a month to better their lives.

Gregory Wallace

YOUR tax dollars? What about my tax dollars? Why don't you spend some of your own money and sponsor some of the Illegal entry types who never used a flush toilet. Have them live in your home with you and clean up their mess, buy their food, pay for their education. Do you have any little children at home? Little girls perhaps, the 14 year old boys masquerading as 10 year old's would love them! Most of them have no marketable skills in this environment. They were raised thinking their only future goals was to come here. That is why where they came from is such a destitute train wreck wherever that may be. At least if they come here and fail which the vast majority will, They will still get bennies. With legal immigration we get good individuals and families that contribute. My family did! White supremist's? You mean like doctors? Or civil war soldiers that died fighting in the war to free the slaves like 2 of my family did. They fought WITH black troops. Do you mean those white guys? You are amazingly clueless. All any of this is going to do is weaken any good we have in this country and make life harder for even people like you and me regardless of what color we may be. What makes you think we could not become like some of the holes Illegal entry people came from? The white man is not the boogie man you would like to believe he is.


Robin you are so spot on! I would love to see my small community reach out with open arms to these wonderful people who are only trying to better their lives. Maybe some cultural diversity is long overdue to bring about unity, equity and fraternity to a society long plagued by white patriarchy!


Right! Let's add even more problems and social issues to an already struggling economy. Sounds great. What could possibly go wrong?

Did you learn this in one of many fine Universities/Indoctrination Centers?

How do you see this ending? Why is this a good thing?

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