To the editor:

Wow, talk about your strawmen!

Jack Rossate from Illinois takes issue with my letter critiquing Tom McLaughlin's favorite rhetorical tactic. He makes the claim that I wish to "quash" McLaughlin's opinion, that I wish to "silence" him. How he arrives at that conclusion from what I wrote, I can't imagine. But that's the argument he seems to be making. 

Similarly, I never said that McLaughlin's columns don't contain "facts." What I said was he uses those facts to construct the narrative that he then proceeds to argue against, whether those "facts" support that narrative or not. In short, a strawman.

I already addressed his statement about Fauci in that earlier letter. One of the "facts" that Tom used was that the National Institute of Health, which the department Fauci heads is a part of, gave funding to an NGA (which stands for Non Govermental Agency) who in turn funded research at the Wuhan lab into whether coronaviruses could be transmitted from bats to humans. Tom then takes that, and turns it into the narrative he wants to make, that Fauci personally funded gain of function research. 

Finally, I did research John Sawyers' statement about China and the coronavirus outbreak. All I could find was that Sawyers claimed that China had concealed the severity and spread of the pandemic within its borders, something I don't believe anyone disputes. I did not find anything of him saying that MI6 believes it "more likely than not" that the outbreak came from the lab in Wuhan. If Rossate has that direct quote, I'd welcome him to provide the source. 

At this time, we have no more information as to the source of the virus outbreak than we had a year ago. Neither animal to human, or lab outbreak can be confirmed with any certainty.

Robert Wiggin

North Conway

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Actually we do. Try and keep up with current events. Also, there are a lot of, "nay-sayers" with egg on their faces right. They chose to ignore a lot of information that was put out for public consumption last year.

Try not to be overly invested in the narratives that all the major media outlets dish out. They do have agendas...

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