To the editor:

Steven H. Steiner’s letter in the Sun on July 17 is as sad as it is alarming, with its empty, cult-like mantra about the “obvious” problem of voter fraud in New Hampshire and across the country.

That obviously intelligent and possibly well-meaning people like the chair of the Mount Washington Valley Republican Committee are willing to assert such claims on the basis of no substantive evidence whatsoever — at least none that state and federal judges hearing some 86 post-election Republican lawsuits found credible — suggests their cranial logic circuits have simply gone to sleep.

One might as well claim that COVID-19 vaccines can magnetize you. (As osteopath Sherri Tenpenny testified recently to an Ohio state House of Representatives committee whose Republican chair warmly thanked her.)

Mr. Steiner understands that people might be interested in solid evidence of widespread voter fraud. Just listen, he says, to Tucker Carlson. Seriously? America’s foremost right-wing propagandist?

I’d rather listen to former Attorney General William Barr, who told ABC correspondent Jonathan Karl for the latter’s forthcoming book, “Betrayal,” on the last days of Trump’s presidency, that he expected Trump to lose and was not surprised when he did.

“If there was evidence of fraud, I had no motive to suppress it,” Barr said in a book excerpt published in The Atlantic. “But my suspicion all the way along was that there was nothing there. It was all bullsh*t.”

Robert Gillette


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Scott Shallcross

Rejecting reality is a defining characteristic of the new Republican Party.


Gaslighting and lying are the purviews of the new Democrat/Socialist Party...

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