To the editor:

On May 11, Effingham voters will go to the polls. The date was moved from March due to the current pandemic.

In this election I support Michael Cahalane for selectman. Mike as worked tirelessly for the town trying to keep the towns best interests in mind. We have had a major tax increase that people are trying to point at Mike as being responsible for but in truth they were set in motion long before Mike was elected to office three years ago.

First was the class action lawsuit filed by Public Service over the valuation of their equipment in many towns, which was lost by the municipalities which were ordered to pay Public Service, now Eversource, back in overpaid taxes.

Mike came up with a structure to that payment that works in the town’s best interest and allows us to pay it over several years without interest or penalties. Second was the lawsuit brought by the town against Camp Marist for failure to support tax exempt status. Effingham won the preliminary lawsuit, as well as some appeals, only to have those decisions overturned by the State Supreme Court, which took an approximately $4.5 million property off our tax rolls.

Mike has continued his education in state requirements, such as getting his certification for replacing culverts. He is well versed in the Department of Environmental Services regulations, and DOT requirements. I served with Mike on the Zoning Board of Adjustment for two years where I observed his dedication and drive to make things equitable for the landowner.

He has brought in several grants to the town, the latest being $250,000 for the replacement of the Snow Road Bridge, and working with the engineers to get the design in line with the requirements for that grant.

He helped spearhead grants on the historic Town Hall (Library) renovation projects and is spearheading the Green Mountain Road reconstruction to give us another quality road in town.

Please join me in voting for Michael Cahalane for selectman of Effingham.

Paul Bartoswicz


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