To the editor: 

In my last letter, I simplified the choice to become vegan. If you didn't get to read it, I encourage you to do so.

However, you don't have to go vegan "cold turkey" (sorry fellow vegans). You can get there incrementally.

When you regularly try new plant-based recipes, the ones you like most will soon work their way into your daily life. After a while, you will most likely (hopefully) be heading toward veganism without any difficulty. There are a lot of vegans that became vegans by slowly sliding down the plant-based path.

These newly coined "veganoid" diets may be a help without having to get caught up in veganism's strict ideology: "reducetarian", "flexitarian", "chegan", "plant-strong", and even "veganish". You can Google these and if one strikes your fancy, just lay hold of one and dive right in.

There are a few other ways to guide you that may be helpful, including: "Meatless Mondays", Mark Bittman’s "Vegan Before 6:00" plan, or simply giving a 100 percent plant-based a try for a week or even a month. Just make sure you do your research and find out what a healthy, balanced plant-based diet entails. I recommend: (everything there is provided free of charge).

For much more on this topic, and the ideology of veganism, simply Google: The Village Vegan, Michael Corthell.

Michael Corthell

The Village Vegan

Bridgton, Maine

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Gregory Wallace

Michael if your an example of how a vegans brain functions you are not impressing anyone with your "Way of life." Perhaps the lack of some nice red meat effects your cognizant abilities. At least Ol Joe bite me has an excuse, he's old. You on the other hand are just not firing on all cylinders. You are not helping your cause.


Gregory - Why the harsh personal attack? I reread Mr Wallace's letter and there's nothing incoherent anywhere in it. Your type of personal attack of a person, just because you don't agree with them or don't want to follow a vegan diet, is a perfect example of the divisive partisanship (on both sides) that makes reasonable dialogue increasingly difficult in this country. I hope you'll consider refraining from personal attacks like this and instead do your best to respon respectfully to the points an author makes. Thanks.

I am not a vegan but just spent a week with close friends who are vegans, and we followed a mostly vegan diet all week (they agreed to cheese in some dishes). I still love seafood and other meats, but being vegan for a week wasn't a hardship at all, and we had some delicious meals together.

Gregory Wallace

Gosh Alex sorry that you think my honest comments are "HARSH" . I was refraining from writing how I really felt. It isn't him it's his belief that EVERYONE should go Vegan which would never work in the real world. Besides who would eat all of those cows roaming around? I guess I just have a problem with "Fantasy" driven people but I don't hate them.

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