To the editor:

On Friday, Nov. 12, Quddus Z. Snyder, Ph.D, wrote an editorial titled “The Trump Mob,” in which he compared former President Trump to Hitler and called him a fascist demagogue.

I won’t bother telling all of you why Donald Trump is no Hitler. The comparison is absurd. Trump is no fascist either. Fascist dictators do not face hostile reporters at press conferences. Migrants don’t risk their lives and the lives of their children to break the laws of a fascist country to emigrate illegally into that country.

Mr. Snyder is obsessed with Trump but has completely ignored the current horrors being perpetrated on the U.S.A. by the current president. Mr. Snyder not only has insults for those who didn’t vote for the current president but he has contempt for those of you who did. He does not really believe that former President Trump is a fascist.

If he did, he wouldn’t have dropped his pants and mooned a Trump event back in September 2020. What would’ve happened to Quddus Z. Snyder, Ph.D, had he mooned a real fascist like Francisco Franco who ruled Spain from 1939 to 1973? The Guardia Civil would have hauled him off to prison without giving him time to pull up his pants.

Louis King

Denmark, Maine

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Scott Shallcross

Trump is closer to a Victor Orban of Hungary, Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil or Andrzej Duda of Hungary: all of whom have greatly eroded the democratic institutions of their countries. Of course, Trump is essentially a kleptocratic; he would aspire to be Putin, a man he openly admires, but lacks the intellect of a true Machiavellian leader.


When science discovers the center of the universe, Donald Trump will be disappointed to find out that he isn't it. Good riddance to the wanna be dictator and nutcase Donald Trump.

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