To the editor:

Re: Feb. 27 letter of Eugene M. Long Jr., M.D.

Envy? Donald Trump?

Dr. Long, after reading your completely off-the-wall letter, I am compelled to respond.

You say, essentially, that we, the anti-Trump folks, are “non-achievers,” envious of achievers, mainly Trump and his Republican sheep. What a laugh.

Anyone with any clear thinking knows that Trump has caused so much chaos and hate in our country, it may never fully recover.

Trump should have been impeached for numerous offenses, but Republicans chose to hold a sham trial. The Democrats honored their responsibilities to uphold the rule of law. The Speaker of the House did her job with dignity and respect — two words not known to Trump. Your shame on her is shame on you.

Also, calling Bernie Sanders a Communist pandered to by the Conway Sun smacks of the McCarthy hysteria so many years ago. What world are you living in?

I cannot imagine any thinking person in any way being envious of this destructive, egotistical, poor excuse for a president.

Start thinking, if you dare!

Linda Stetson McNall

North Conway

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You better look a little closer Linda. Particularly at Bernie Sanders "Sister Cities" trips to Russia he started back in 1988.

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