To the editor:

What is the biggest joke in New Hampshire? Posted speed limits.

People are just driving as fast as they can, and if you are driving the speed limit they ride up your bumper trying to make you go faster.

They get so angry they try to run you off the road or pass you when it is illegal, creating a dangerous situation. After talking to other locals, I've concluded that Route 16 from Rochester to Conway it is nothing more than a speedway.

Where are the police? And who do we complain to when the laws are not being enforced?  If there is not enough trained state police to cover New Hampshire?

Our politicians should pay more attention to our region, not just the cities, and hire more police. As a 35-year resident of Ossipee, I only see this area getting more and more like Massachusetts.

Leo Fillipon

Center Ossipee

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Granite Road in Osipee has become a feeway fron route 16 to main. it is acountry road with 6ton limits, matrial handling trucks weight in at 25 tons. Commuters fly by so fast the dan near run you over picking up your mail. Yesterday I saw three newcomers riding bicycles. It is oly a matter of time some one will be seriously injured or killed. the roa is so narrow in most places you get runoff the road.I personaly broke my angle intwo placed due to a car on the other side of the double line. I had to go so close to the hill side(motocycle). the driver just keept on going.. More than once pickup trucks have passed me for duing the speed limit.

I wrote a letter on thia subject two years ago. Nothing was done about Granite Road being so dangerous to travel.

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