To the editor:

I hope Ray “Gaslighting” Gilmore gets the help he is definitely crying out for. He should make Trump pay for the space he is renting out in his head.

A person would have thought that one editorial to disavow Donald Trump would suffice to pathetically apologize for his support to the big, bad orange man. But noooo, Gilmore’s never-ending shame and guilt has now seemingly turned into a 12-step program.

An editorial last week, today a 1,000 word column and next week, probably the entire paper. I am begging everyone to please accept his newly discovered wokeness so we don’t have to be subjected to a former military man groveling for acceptance and validation.

The Trump derangement therapist can end the sessions now. The Republicans should trade him while he still has a little value left, but what can you get for someone who is living in the past, sobbing all the time?

How about a politician to be named later, one that doesn’t get his talking points from the mainstream media. The gas-lighter needs to know the FBI has concluded it was not an insurrection, nor has anyone been charged with sedition or treason. It was a riot. You know, like the riots of 2020 that were done by Joe Biden voters.

I do wonder though how many people Jan. 6 burned buildings, killed police officers, looted and destroyed businesses for weeks and months? The serial gas-lighter then can’t resist dividing this country even more with the tired “worst assault upon our republic since the Civil War.”

Has he ever heard of Dec. 7 1941? Just wondering. Or how about the shooting from the gallery of the House Of Representatives in 1954? Or how about the bomb detonated at the Capitol in 1983? Somehow Sept. 11 has escaped his memory too. I bet the widows and families of the dead that day would take issue with his stupid CNN quote.

Maybe next week RGG can instead fill the entire paper with all the destruction the Biden administration has done to this country in nine months and the endless lies told daily. God knows there’s enough material to do it.

Larry Day


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(2) comments


The Trumpers are the willfully blind.

Thankfully, Biden sent Donnie packing.

Now we are waiting for Donnie to be given his orange jump suit.


Poor oppressed terrorist-sympathizing white dude.

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