To the editor:

Regarding the recent letter by Narcotics Anonymous, here is a reminder to them It's called tradition. Not discussing names or "naming groups" and press and radio is part of that tradition. You broke the tradition!

If you want to help the addict who still suffers, start with losing the dogma and outdated mindsets! Many courts deem Twelve Steps as religious — stop using demeaning, stigmatizing language and labels like "addict" and "alcoholic." It's beyond unhealthy and is unnecessary to have a label to define yourself from your past struggle. Labels are for jam jars!

Multiple pathways exist here in the valley. It's time they are embraced, They are free of the dogma and outdated mindsets. One is Smart Recovery. It's Thursdays at 6 p.m. at MWV Supports Recovery in Center Conway. They emphasize empowerment versus powerlessness and give tools with use of cognitive behavior therapy.

The Twelve Steps are rigid and have cult traits — read "A Sober Truth" by Harvard doctor Lance Dodes.

Don't even feel there are no options beyond NA/AA. It's 2019, not 1939!

Kayla Coyle


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