To the editor:

What is wrong with you people?

We are on a stay-at-home order, and so are you from other states. If you come to New Hampshire, you are suppose to quarantine 14 days, but you're here for long weekends in Airbnbs even though they are supposed to be shut down. 

You do not wear a mask. You do not practice social distancing. There are only a few stores open and limited things to do here. You think you own the valley. You're here because you do not think any rules apply to you.

You will not get a warm welcome from most of us except, maybe, Janice Crawford. Are you people that ignorant that a pandemic doesn't even stop you?

You should stay home with your loved ones and not be up here spreading COVID-19.  

I am not saying all of you are like that. I have actually met some very nice people over the years, but you are ignoring your own state orders and ours, and it is plain selfish and ignorant.

Many of you have written don't slap the hand that feeds you, but that is the most snobbish and ignorant attitude. We are all equal no matter what, and with that attitude you're going to cause a second wave to hit, and I hope and pray for all of us here in the valley. 

Julie Webster


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Not to worry making short term rentals will most like work out just fine . I expect hundreds of properties to hit the market during a global depression and pandemic de stabilizing the local real estate market . This will provide a excellent opportunity for large real estate trusts who operate section 8 housing to invest in the area . Home prices will drop and people will move from more populated areas to Conway . This will bring many new full time residents. This should solve both the problems regard lack of local workers and lack section 8 Hosing . It’s a big remake of the landscape but I trust that the powers that be a a solid vision for the future .


once again you complain about those from MA coming up here to "spread" Covid. How ignorant to think that everyone in that state has it and is going to spread it to you. Meanwhile, people from Southern NH (Northern, Northern Mass for all intents and purposes) can drive around up here and you'd never bat an eye because they're "locals" thanks to their Old man of the mountain vanity plate (we all have them amirite?)

Drew Young

Am a North Conway resident. Basically we are going to hear this back and forth flap all Summer. Tourists will be up here like they always are. And the fact is they’re coming from mostly MA which has a much higher rate of infection than we do here. Some are going to bring it with them. I personally have a high risk of dying if I get it. So do a lot of others in our valley. I can’t just stay in, because I need to work, buy groceries, get gas, etc. I limit my exposure as much as possible.

There are many kind people who come here and are considerate, wear a mask to protect others, etc. there are many others who only think of themselves, and think the smallest things we are all asked to do are trampling on their “rights.”

Hopefully a lot of local businesses will put some protection measures in place, as outlined by our governor, and if those people don’t want to abide by them they can go elsewhere. That goes for NH residents as well as out of staters.

But try to see where we’re coming from.


I can definitely see where you are coming from with your well thought out Response. As opposed to the original writer of this opinion. The virus is everywhere throughout the world. You cannot force people to stay in their homes for the rest of their lives. People should be responsible and wear masks out in public and follow the rules of the local establishments that are posted. The fact is there are many many New Hampshire residents that I have seen out without masks and not following social distance and guidelines. These are not tourists. Julie, you can stay in your home and scream and yell and be angry all you want but life does go on and people need life to go on to be healthy.Follow the rules be safe but enjoy your life. If you cannot do so then you are welcome to stay in your home as I mentioned in rant against the world.

Sally Wally

If you are that afraid of Covid, stay in your house and don't come out until it goes away. That way you won't run into us as we go about our lives.


The tone of your opinion screams intolerance and hate. You are making assumptions about people you don’t know at all. How can you demonstrate these renters do not practice social distancing? Don’t wear masks? You can’t. You are making dangerous and irresponsible assumptions and you sound petulant and childish.


I agree with NH Taxpayer, The tone is offensive and you are pitting neighbor against neighbor. I see that most people are following social distancing and wearing masks. I have noticed many people with NH plates not wear masks and ignoring social distancing as they are taking "live free or die" as poor excuse to claim that their liberty is being taken away,

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