To the editor:

Mr. Snyder, a well-entrenched full-time resident of Eaton recently took my father to task here. He made three key points: That my father is a stupid man, voter fraud isn’t real (unless Trump wins then it was Russians), that he can speak for "‘all educated and reasonable people" of Eaton to demand voter fraud evidence from my father.

I find it quite helpful to dial back a little when reading. Soak in the broad argument and method. Attack piece. Defense piece. Optimistic tone, cynical tone. What is the overall idea they want to communicate, or are they just trying to drag someone through the mud?

So often, these conversational Paladins will arise — armed with sterling ideals that curiously never really seem to get fleshed out in public. Instead, they tend to just start swinging at their opponent, and the nastier and dirtier they hit, the more obvious their opponents’ deficit of character simply must be. You see, Donald Trump was overweight. But you know, that is not cutting enough. Let’s dehumanize the man. Porcine. Yes, excellent, now I get to fat-shame the man, and encourage others to not see him as human. See how morally outraged I am — for you — against that thing that I insist hates you?

Ah, but isn’t it easy? To just let someone tell you that there is no voter fraud, and let the local governments shut down the investigations? Isn’t it easier to just let the really animated and righteous swing away and infer that only uneducated and unreasonable people could possibly think there’s voter fraud (caveat, if Trump, then Russians).

Well, it might be, but I really think people can surprise you if they just remember the things that are supposed to bring us together. Smart people, dumb people. Educated, uneducated. Sure, we’re all different. But we’re also Americans and want what’s best for us all. That doesn’t include drawing ideological lines in the sand and denigrating the uneducated, irrational and fat. The moonshiner in the deep woods deserves their vote too.

And finally, Mr. Snyder, the "apparatchik" comment you made. You called my dad a Communist sidekick. Is that word just too common in your lexicon to hide in sheep wool?

John Eric Hartman


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Gregory Wallace

John, all he wants is attention. Responding to him just "In his mind alone" gives him credibility. Stop rewarding him no matter what stupid horse assed thing he utters next. He does not want what is best for all. He wants for only himself. If the day ever came that he could line certain people up and shoot or have them shot he would do it. Not sure why C.D.S. publishes his letters.

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