To the editor:

The Kellogg Co. recently indicated that because of safety concerns, it’s going to stop using glyphosate (Roundup) to harvest its wheat and oats for cereal and cracker products.

In the past 15 years, Roundup has become commonly used as a desiccant to harvest various grains. Concurrently, incidences of students with developmental disabilities and autism have increased in our communities.

I pondered this $46 million opportunity, as I listened to testimonials in Concord regarding the effectiveness of charter schools serving at-risk and learning-disabled students. Maybe we should get herbicides out of our food supply before we develop entire new schools in our communities to accommodate the perceived need for school choice, potentially at the taxpayers’ expense.

A local parent recently shared her opinion with me that she thought the schools were trying to put many kids on individual education plans to get money from the federal government for disabled students.

I felt compelled to inform her that the cost of each child referred for an assessment comes out of her local taxes. Also, the ongoing cost of hiring specialized teachers and support staff is paid for with local taxes.

I saw her child’s processed food snacks and wondered about the Roundup content. I thought to myself, “Wow, polluted food is creating distrust and skepticism about public education, and parents aren’t taking responsibility for their part. They want school choice.”

Recent research has shown that mother rats share their gastrointestinal tract biome with their offspring at birth. This “priming” defines the offspring’s future GI tract biome. I’m not sure charter schools are the answer to multigenerational problems. First things first, we must demand glyphosate (Roundup) not be approved for use as a harvest desiccant in farming practices. Sen. Jeb Bradley, your voice is requested, too!

Jeff Robinson


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