To the editor:

The killing of George Floyd was an abomination. The man was literally tortured to death and the policeman responsible is being severely punished and will probably spend the rest of his life in prison. It is equally contemptible to use this tragedy to riot, burn and destroy property as well as murdering dozens of people and injuring thousands of others. Black Lives Matter is a major perpetrator of this violence. The name itself is ridiculous since all lives matter including Black lives.

It is exceedingly rare that there are unjustified killings such as that of George Floyd. When asked about the rioting, death and destruction, Nancy Pelosi, the deranged House Speaker stated, “people will do what they do.” This is the same lunatic that tore up the president’s State of the Union Address, gritting her teeth and seething with hatred. The woman is clearly insane.

I rarely read letters in the Sun from local hate America Marxists, but at the height of the pandemic some Communist woman whose letters I would normally ignore wrote that it was our duty to oppose the president. What a sad excuse for an American.

The most egregious example of colossal ignorance occurred in a letter last fall stating that you were not an American if you supported the President. This fool should look in the mirror. President Trump is the most pro-America president since Ronald Reagan.

The only way to halt the Marxist violence is to use whatever force necessary and vote Republican and when you are attacked in this paper by the likes of a Susan Rheault or a Graham Selby, just consider it an affirmation of your patriotism.

George Clausen

Freedom and Alpine, Wyo.

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Randel, all good Americans, particularly those of us who are veterans and took an oath to uphold and defend the constitution, do not read Mr. Claussen's comments as threats.


Dave, I think that most, not all, of those protesting are good Americans, just like protesters who were against the Vietnam War, marched for civil rights, unions, etc. All unrest has an element of violence and bad actors who attempt to subvert dissent for personal gain. As for upholding the constitution, it is not being threatened by those in the streets anymore than it was in the 1930's and 1960's. Rather, our constitution's survival is now being tested by Trump and Barr as never before. I never thought much of Richard Nixon but he looks like George Washington when compared to Mr. Trump.


Mr. Claussen once again shows his ignorance of Marxism and only uses it as a smokescreen to hide his backhanded racism. Black killings by police has been shown countless times (except by Fox and right wing conspirators) to be disproportionate to white killings by police. Of course all lives matter but that misses the mark by a mile as to why the slogan, "Black Lives Matter" is relevant. Mr. Claussen's view is myopic and lacks circumspection. As to his patriotism, he can hug the flag like Trump and call those fighting for equal rights, due process, and justice to be anarchists, terrorists and communists but the fact is that our country and democracy was peaceful, prosperous and great before Trump took office. It's now divided and in huge debt like his businesses. As to Mr. Claussen's comment that "all force should be used" is a call to violence. Social Media is banning such inflammatory rhetoric and the Sun needs to act more responsibly as well.


Randel, Once again your far-left interpretation of current and past events never fails to distort and twist the facts and available statistics.

And what's this soft-soap view of Marxism that you are pedaling.

Are you actually suggesting we adopt a Marxist agenda?

If so, just come straight out and say so. As they say, "Say it loud, say proud" if that's what you ascribe to. At least then we'd all know what you honestly believe.

And your feeble attempt to paint the Obama years as prosperous or peaceful is just an outright distortion. At least pretend to be a little objective.

The economy was growing at the slowest rate in this countries history, and there were conflicts occurring all over the world.

And of course, there is your desire to censor any opinions that are in conflict with yours. But as a Marxist that would be the way to handle that. Correct?

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