To the editor:

So, just where are all of the folks who cheered from the cheap seats when the DOJ/FBI raided Donald Trump's private home “searching” for classified information?

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And now…Pence! Special Councilor for him? And what about all the other members of Congress? If they decide to look into one they MUST look into all. Wanna bet that they will find stuff in McConnell’s closet? Or Graham’s? Or Grassley’s? Or better yet, McCarthy’s, Cruz’s, Rubio’s? Let’s hope that they won’t find any in Jordon’s, Taylor Green’s, or any of the other INSURRECTIONISTS…..they should never be allowed near our country’s Secrets. They are ALL supporters of Trump and Putin!


And now…Pence! Will a special prose


Bravo Franklin!


Special Counsel appointed to examine Trump and a Special Counsel appointed to investigate Binden. I do not understand the double standard promoted in this letter to the Editor.


"I do not understand the double standard".

Try harder. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.


Yet you fail to articulate the double standard.

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