To the editor:

Black lives do not matter if you live in an inner city in the United States. Planned Parenthood prefers to locate in inner cities where the majority population is of African-American descent.

More Black unborn children are aborted than are delivered alive. Discrimination is rampant, for if you are Black and are governed by a political party which supports the killing of the unborn, if you are fortunate to be born alive, you will be placed in a failing school system, exposed to drug dealers and gangs of thugs. And your life will be short and end violently.

So who are your heroes? St. George Floyd whose canonization by the mob elevated him to sainthood, was not only responsible for his own death but the many lives lost by citizens and law enforcement officers subject to mob violence caused by George’s death.

Media, which mistakenly participated in this masquerade, are a problem. Cops are us and every day they risk their lives as they interface with groups who claim they are peaceful protesters. Those of you who watch television are treated to nightly horror scenes of violence against police.

So when BLM shows up at your home for a peaceful demonstration (which in reality is an opportunity to steal your stuff), who do you call? You call a cop. Do not call the Rev. Al or the Rev. Jesse, they are too busy playing the race card and stirring up violence.

Eugene M. Long, Jr., M.D.


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Bill Scott

This letter is over the top. Hatred, anger, racism and ignorance displayed in concentrated form that is shocking from any source.

From a Doctor? From any professional person? Long, you disgrace whatever academic holes that spawned you. You're a truly evil, twisted and misguided person, replacing Roy as the worst man in Eaton.


Hey, man, I think you made a mistake. Chauvin was the cop. Floyd was the guy whose neck he knelt on for ten minutes as he was handcuffed on the ground. You must have been confused about who was who. I mean, the alternative is that you're suggesting Floyd asked to have his neck knelt on because he was black. And that would just be disgustingly bigoted and wildly stupid. And the Sun surely wouldn't print such racist diatribe, either. Right?

Scott Shallcross

Deeply disturbing exploitation of a tragic murder. Where is your humanity?


Pack of LIES doc, expect yourself to be without patients one they find out how uncaring and ignorant you are. ps. try to watch something besides BS spewing fox not news for once, enlighten yourself.


This is wacko and disturbing stuff to read. I am shocked that the Daily Sun would print such weird and offensive drivel.

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