To the editor:

I, along with many others, commiserate with Sarah Mallet, whose letter on Nov. 5 called out the map that is printed every Saturday with the short cuts to and around North Conway Village.

The West Side Road — another rural and residential area — has become a de facto bypass. The speed limit is ignored, and pulling out of a driveway or riding a bicycle can be life-threatening.

If the Conway Daily Ad Supplement and North Conway Village Association wants to gain some goodwill in the community, the map should be eliminated.

Eric Rollnick


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agree with Mopar, the maps in the paper are pretty outdated when 99% of the people travelling up here are using their GPS anyhow.

That being said, i drive on west side road all the time. The majority of that road is posted 35-40MPH. But i can never go the speed limit (or even 5 over) without someone tailgating me. Not just the out of staters either, plenty of NH plates in my rear view mirror.


While I to bemoan the increased traffic on roads traditionally used by locals to bypass the tourist traffic, anger over the map is misguided.

It isn't a paper map in a newspaper that is causing all the traffic, it's technology. In the last few years we've seen an explosion in real-time gps navigation. People are using navigation systems that are connected to the internet. Besides monitoring their location and providing turn by turn directions to a destination, these devises and smartphone apps also monitor their users average speed. When the system sees many people are moving slow, it automatically recalculates a faster route. Often, that faster route entails roads and neighborhoods that never used to see much traffic in the past.

So, if you want to blame somebody, blame Google, which aggregates and licenses their real-time traffic map technology.

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