To the editor:

I just watched Frontline’s “American Insurrection.” It is available on PBS on Channel 11, and online. Yes, its long, and it is not entertaining.

But it is very important for us ordinary citizens to be informed about. No question it will upset many Trump voters, they will surely not agree with this information, but I frankly feel that it is time for the people who didn’t vote for Trump to speak up, stand up to the lies that is FOX News. It is not news, it is propaganda. Please, before you respond to this letter, watch the program.

In my opinion, those of us who consider ourselves middle-of-the-roaders or Democrats, or unaffiliated, or whatever, its time to stand up, speak up, do not just ignore (which is what I have been doing, I’m embarrassed to admit).

I believe the country is in real danger of loosing our democratic system of government, when a minority of way far right “crazies” controls the majority. As things are going presently, that is going to happen.

It scares the hell out of me. As a native of N.H., I grew up in a Republican family, as almost everyone did back in the day. But the Republican Party is not the Republicans of the past, it is now way far to the right, and controlled by the Free State Project members, who are not Republicans in any traditional sense.

The Republicans of the past were conservative, and a little bit Libertarian. Now the Republican/ Free Staters want the state to control women, and slowly but surely, end public education — just for starters. If you are not concerned, you should be.

With the new gerrymandered districts, N.H. will be changed in very important ways. It is not what is good for the state as a whole, it is what will be best for the leaders of the Republican party, that is not what is best for the majority of our citizens.

Ellin Leonard


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