To the editor:

I’ve read the latest letter from Ray Gilmore outlining the hole into which he opines certain members of the Mount Washington Valley Republican Committee have dug themselves.

I would like to challenge Mr Gilmore to respond with as much verbal vigor he has about the cult of Trump (his words) regarding the current president and his handlers — abandoning Americans in Afghanistan, colluding with the NSBA to have the DOJ and Attorney General Merrick Garland set upon parents who have pushed back against what is being taught to their children, the school in Loudon County, Va., that covered up the male student in a skirt who entered the girls’ bathroom and raped a female student. Then he was transferred to another school, whereupon he did it again (I believe Ray has daughters).

Also, Biden has intentionally flooded America with immigrants who are overwhelming our hospitals, schools, aiding and abetting the drug cartel and coyotes. The list is very long as Biden capitulates to the Democrat Party (and some RINOs). I used to ask myself, have they no shame? They do not.

Elizabeth Kelsea

North Conway

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(2) comments

Scott Shallcross

Absurd "whataboutisms" plus another lie concerning Biden "intentionally flooding" the country with illegal immigrants.

Achsel Stinsenson

The more relevant question is, "Have you no shame?"

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