To the editor:

Is the Fryeburg Fair worth it? Many full-time residents of Fryeburg and the surrounding towns think not. Most of them will not speak too loudly on this subject due to backlash.

A lot of the traffic that shows up for this event is from out of state. I personally have worked at this fair as a vendor for many years and know there is no possible way to safely have the fair this year with the information and guidelines put forth on COVID-19.

With a quick internet search, an estimated 25,000 people live in the Maine and New Hampshire towns adjacent to the Fryeburg Fair grounds. An estimated 225,000 people attend the fair.

Most of the financial impact from this fair comes in the form of cash which I know some trickles down back into the economy but most of it stays in other places.

I love what the Fryeburg Fair brings, education for the youth, and for those who have never experienced how we have gotten here as a society — the shows, rides and entertainment. We all miss what used to be normal.

Based on my personal household of three, we have all received both of our vaccination shots. The state of Maine has received national recognition on how well we have done up to this point with the pandemic.

The facts and images are all out there to make a rational decision for all the people involved.

(About 25 percent of fair attendees are drawn from the immediate Fryeburg region, including Conway/North Conway and Carroll County. An estimated 75 percent of fair attendees come from outside the region).

Brian Howard

Lovell, Maine

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