To the editor:

Points to ponder:

1. If loony leftists can assume all Trump supporters are racists, can Trumpies assume that all Biden supporters are groping, hair-sniffing perverts?

2. Biden’s Build Back Better plan resulted in a huge success — for the Taliban, being awarded $85 billion in weapons of mass destruction. Those American-made tanks make much better shields for them than the rocks they hid behind when Trump kept them confined to the hills.

3. Speaking of “hills,” the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill five-hour mini-riot, resulting in one death, (an unarmed female Trump supporter shot dead by a Capitol Keystone Cop) has the Pelosi Pinheads and Schumerholes still racking their brains trying to convict the stupid idiots for crimes worse than trespassing. Make no mistake, I couldn’t care less what happens to these trespassing jerks. But the only shooting these morons did was clicking selfies.

4. Moderate Democrats now have to be fuming over the pathetic failures their hijacked party of progressive eggheads have piled on them, like locusts devouring everything in sight and then moving on. But sooner or later they will eat themselves out of existence, and this November could sooner start the cleansing process.

5. Happy New Year.

Bill Catalucci


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(3) comments

Achsel Stinsenson

When is the Sun going to stop publishing such idiocy as this?


It's called the 1st Amendment. Maybe you've heard of it.

Try reading it.


What a load of, of ... covfefe.

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