To the editor:

A wealth tax was tried in 15 European nations. All but three abandoned it. Reasons being it was too difficult to administer as people moved their wealth around, and revenue fell way short of projections.

My vision of funding massive-cost programs funded by a wealth tax, then falling short of funding, is nightmarish.

The tax plan that works in Europe is the Value-Added Tax, which is rightly criticized as regressive. However, couple that with Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income stipend and the regressive problem goes away.

I favor candidates like Klobuchar, Buttigieg and Biden who don’t propose giant spending plans.

Yang is the exception. I think he could figure out how to fund more using both outside- and inside-the-box thinking. Klobuchar is my No. 1, Yang my No. 2.

Amy is inside the box and Andrew outside. I can argue in favor of either. Amy wins my personal argument. She has proven to win in counties that voted for Donald Trump in 2016. She won her third term in the Senate in 2018. She has a very strong record of legislation that gets proposed, passed and written into law.

In my mind’s eye, she has the positions to win in November.

My issue is health care. I hear nobody stating the real story. Yes, nations like Germany provide universal coverage at half the cost of the USA. Common sense would dictate that all we have to do is match their medical culture and laws.

Yet, nobody is talking about those significant differences, the reason being that voters won’t be happy with many of the changes, like ending heroic end-of-life care or no malpractice lawsuits.

Yang is the one candidate I would trust to come up with outside-the-box solutions to many of our greatest problems.

Bert Weiss


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