To the editor:

Here’s a bit of simple advice for President Donald Trump.

According to fact checkers at The Washington Post, Trump has told some 8,700 lies since taking office. This has created the unfortunate situation that many people, including myself, have stopped believing anything he says. 

What can he do to remedy this credibility problem? Well, I would suggest that he can force himself, hard as it may be for him, to tell the truth about 10 percent of the time.

Ten percent is a number that seems to work with training animals. When they get a reward for some positive behavior, 10 percent of the time they generally keep it up even though they won’t get rewarded the rest of the time. With 10 percent truthful comments, we would obviously need to reconsider ignoring all he says. To help him, here are a few ideas to start with:

During the evening, he can simply say “good evening,” and in the morning he can start with “good morning.” And if the word “good” is not practical for the situation, he can simply observe that it is evening or morning. 

There are lots of opportunities just like these to work toward this goal. He does need to keep a straight face when he tells the truth, otherwise, my advice may not work. 

He might also ask his press secretary to follow my advice since Sarah Huckabee Sanders seems to have the same problem.

Arthur Heigl


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conrad bouchard

It appears that Arthur Heigl has a personal hate for the President. His letter has lots of rhetorics remarks with no specifics or accountability. The Washing Post is not known for it's honest reporting. On behalf and duer respect to Mr Heigl he should give specifics of his allegations, so the accusations can be "fact check"

Respectfully Conrad Bouchard Sr, Berlin

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