ALBANY — So, where are all the birds this winter?

People are wondering because they say their feathered friends don’t seem to be frequenting their backyard bird feeding stations the way they did in winters past.

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There are way too many Canada geese. Time to cull that hurd.

Tommy Woods

Early last October, I bought a larger feeder and a cheaper seed. All winter it’s been just sparrows on the feeder. There were no other birds. A few weeks ago, I placed sunflower seed in a small feeder and along came the Chickadees, Cardinals and Bluejays. I saw one Junco last week. The cheap feed I bought contained cracked corn. The sparrows just kicked that out of the feeder. I live in Northeastern Pa. and I’m looking forward to getting a much better feed and a few new feeders with a good variety of better seed.

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