CONWAY — Holly Fougere, performing arts teacher at Kennett High School recognized this year’s students who received performing arts end of the year awards early this week. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was forced to honor them remotely.

This year’s recipients are:

National School Choral Award: Amelie Waldron and Joseph Peters.

“The National School Choral Award is given to the choir member who is most involved in choral repertoire through a variety of choral experiences, both in school and outside of school,” said Fougere.

“It is a recognition of a student who has truly dedicated themselves to experiencing as much choral music and as many choirs as they had the opportunity to try.

"The student should be: a student in multiple choirs in and outside of school; a student who has auditioned for or been accepted into local and state music festivals; exhibits outstanding musicianship and ability; is highly dedicated; displays leadership and contributions to any and all choirs at the school, and a strong academic achievement.”

Director’s Award for Chorus: Emily Morin.

Fougere explained the criteria for the award. “The Director’s Award for Chorus is given to the student who portrays the following attributes of an exceptional choir member: outstanding musicianship and ability; exceptional dedication to the choir and choir events; portrays qualities of leadership toward the choir as a section leader and/or student leader; shows high moral values and portrays high academic achievement maintain a 3.0 or higher grade point average.

Dance Team Coach’s Award: Amelia Petell.

“This award is given to a dancer who exemplifies sportsmanship, leadership and teamwork,” said Fougere. “This dancer is someone who helps maintain morale no matter the circumstance and knows how to motivate, inspire and encourage teammates to work together, push harder and achieve the utmost success. Teammates consider this person an invaluable and irreplaceable member of the team as does the coaching staff.”

Team Spirit Award: Julia Silvia.

“This award goes to a dancer who has a deep and genuine love for her school and team,” Fouler said. “This student is driven, kind and well-rounded. She cares deeply about representing the school and dance team in the best possible light. She consistently attends events and displays the utmost sportsmanship and school pride. This student also takes academics seriously, and challenges herself in the classroom and is a true role model for her teammates and school community.

Rising Star Award: Angelina Wilson.

“This award goes to a freshman dance team member who shows excellent technique and potential for becoming a leader for the dance team in years to come,” said Fouler. “This dancer not only excels in their dance training, but in the classroom as well maintaining good grades and relationships with their teachers.”

Fougere also took time to recognize three members of the Kennett High Dance Team who will receive their diplomas on Saturday in MaKena Bennett, Sophia Gemmiti and Amelia Petell.

“These three are pretty special,” she said. “Sophia, Amelia and Makena will be graduating with honors from the National Dance Arts Honor Society. I’m going to miss them a lot.”

To graduate with honors, Fougere said seniors must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

“They must also demonstrate strong character, commitment, leadership and go above and beyond the minimum requirements of the National Honor Society of Dance Arts,” she said. “They also must show how dance has impacted their life and how they plan to continue to be advocates for dance in the future.”

Four other dance team seniors — Katherine Dewhurst, Grace Goodman, Skylar Sayers and Charly Williams were — inducted into the National Dance Arts Honor Society.

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