#MWV United

School officials are urging the community to take the Mount Washington Valley Challenge on Friday. (COURTESY PHOTO)

CONWAY — School officials are urging the community to share "something you are proud of" on social media today to “flood the internet with positivity,” and people are asked to mark their posts with #MWV United.

“We were tossing around ideas amongst the administrative team (for SAU 9) over the past week and the topic came up again this morning,” said Conway Elementary School Principal Jason Robert by phone Wednesday.

“I kind of had one of those epiphanies," he said. "We’ve made the shift to remote learning but this is more than a school thing, we want to include the entire community. We would like to try to get everyone to connect and share what you enjoy.”

He said school officials talked about the idea last week and on Thursday agreed they wanted to come up with something simple and to the point.

"Word of mouth has been spreading this pretty quickly. We want to flood social media with positivity this Friday. If we all join in, we can make that happen,” he said.

Robert shared what is being sent out on the school websites as well as to students and families:

“In an effort to bring positivity, passion and a sense of community to social media, this Friday, May, 29, is a day for all of us to share our Mount Washington Valley pride.

“To participate take a picture of yourself, your family or a favorite place in the valley and post it on social media and mark your post with #MWV United for all to see.

“Remember to get creative and wear or hold your own MWV gear, school apparel, athletic uniforms or take a picture in your favorite spot or restaurant around the area.”

Robert said it is important to include the hashtag “#MWV United” in your posts to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

“That way, other people will be able to see the post is they type in that hashtag,” Robert said. “This is an opportunity for you to put out what the valley means to you.”

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