Peter Thomas Donahue

Peter Thomas Donahue, 44, of Madison is seen in his booking mugshot. (POLICE PHOTO)

CONWAY — Police arrested a Madison man last Saturday on sexual assault charges associated with allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl. 

Peter Thomas Donahue, 44, was charged with two counts of special felony-level aggravated  felonious sexual assault, two counts of Class B felonious sexual assault, one count of Class A misdemeanor sexual assault and one count simple assault. 

Conway Police Lt. Suzanne Kelley-Scott said Monday that Officer Adam Voelbel took a report of sexual assault on a juvenile female victim Saturday morning and Donahue was taken into custody a few hours later. 

Bail commissioner L. Joline Gushee ordered Donahue held with no bail but with the option to argue for bail in the future. 

In his probable cause statement, Voelbel said he was dispatched to Memorial Hospital's Emergency Room for the report by a 14-year-old girl's mother that her daughter had been assaulted on April 15. The mother said "Pete" had assaulted the girl in the woods near an old graveyard. 

According to the mother, the daughter had stopped by a neighbor's house on Wills Way in Conway, where Donahue frequently hangs out. The girl asked if there was a graveyard nearby and Donahue offered to show her. 

The graveyard was described as being between the "old Conway veterinarian" and White Deer Motel in Conway.  

Once at the graveyard, Donahue allegedly grabbed the girl, stripped her and raped her.

At the hospital, Voelbel asked Donahue what he did on the day of April 15. Donahue said he rode bikes all day with a couple of other men, including the girl's neighbor. 

Donahue asked Voelbel why he was questioning him. Voelbel said the girl's mother reported that he had assaulted her daughter and that she had seen him in the waiting room. 

Donahue said he knew the girl's parents for years and nothing happened. He said he was never  alone with her. Asked by Voelbel if he frequently comes into Conway, Donahue replied that he works at a local gas station and hangs out with his friend on Wills Way. 

He said he and the two other men went to the graveyard, looked at the headstones and talked. 

Voelbel placed Donahue under arrest and transported him to the Conway Police Station. Later, in a recorded interview with Sgt. Dominic Torch, Donahue admitted to assaulting the girl, Voelbel said. 

Attorney John Bresaw is representing Donahue. The target date for receipt of indictment is July 19.

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