CONWAY — Kennett High School held its annual senior awards program in a different fashion on Thursday night, June 11. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the awards were presented over the internet and broadcast on Valley Vision (Channel 1301).

This year, $160,000 in scholarships were awarded to 65 seniors.

"Again, the Mount Washington Valley community went above and beyond to support this wonderful group of students as they set along the next phase of the journey of their lives," Jennifer Murphy, director of guidance at Kennett High, said. "We are so grateful."

“Given all the challenges we’re faced, Jenn Murphy and her staff have done an incredible job,” Superintendent Kevin Richard said.

“What a giving community,” he said. “I know how much work goes into coordinating all of these scholarships and making it happen. Great work.”

Awards and scholarships went to the following students:

I am College Bound/I Applied Scholarship: Marissa Henry.

KHS Football Boosters: Dominic Jones and Justin Olson.

Cranmore Mountain Resort Employee Scholarship: Cole Schneider.

Art Walker Scholarship: Dominic Jones.

Damon O’Neal Memorial Scholarship: Eva Drummond.

Tin Mountain Scholarship: Will be awarded to alumni.

The Mountain Garden Club Scholarship: Madeleine Goldthorpe.

N.H. Retired Troopers Association Award in Memory of Sgt. James S. Noyes: Amelia Grace Jarell.

Sgt. James S. Noyes Memorial Scholarships: Eva Drummond, Braeden Bailey, Devin Nordlund and Glennys Chambers.

Brian Scaletti Scholarship: Gabriel Mohla.

Zaven Vorperian Memorial Scholarship: Eva Drummond.

Bill and Ester Levy Scholarships: Hannah Frittenburg, Natalie Shaw, Julian Brochu, Andrew Hurd, Malik Memia and Katherine Keefe.

Friends of Conway Rec. Field Hockey Scholarship: Natalie Shaw.

Babe Ruth Scholarship: Riley Fletcher and Dominic Jones.

Jimmy Mersereau Memorial Scholarship: Shaelyn Camille.

Leon Harriman Scholarship: Nadia Van Dyne.

Valley Vision Community Television Media Scholarship: John Egan.

Nancy Spaulding Scholarship: Josie Phaneuf and Zachary Smith.

White Mountain Board of Realtors Scholarships: Jack Wheeler, Josie Phaneuf, Dominic Jones, Cole Bradley, Sylvie Brustin, Grace Castonguay, Campbell Jillette, Marcel Bennett, Marissa Henry, Cole Rogers and Braeden Bailey.

Saco Valley Trout Unlimited Janet Thompson Memorial Scholarship: Shaelyn Camille.

Jackson Community Association Scholarship: Braeden Bailey, Helen Badger, Marissa Henry, Maggie Miller, Maeve Weeder and Grace Castonguay.

HEB Engineers Scholarship: Dominic Jones.

White Mountain Milers' Gretchen B. Hatch Memorial Scholarship: Benjamin Klementovich, Eva Drummond, Sophia Stimpson, Christopher Desmarais, Keith Badger and Madelyn Marcotte.

Madison Scholarships: Faith Downing, Matthew Drootin, Riley Fletcher, Andrew Hurd, Amelia Grace Jarell, Chani Mores, Devin Nordlund, Josie Phaneuf, Zachary Smith, Nadia Van Dyne and Olivia Westover.

Percy and Charlotte Hill Award: Gabriel Mohla.

MWV Career and Technical Center Advisory Council Scholarships: Katherine Keefe, Jackson Ogren and Andrew Hurd.

Christine Powers and Greater Ossipee Area Chamber Scholarship: Sophie Killeen.

National Honor Society Scholarships: Audrey Orsino and Juliana Edwards.

Dr. David Baughan Health Professions Scholarship: Glennys Chambers.

Pine Tree School PTA Scholarships: Kelly Cyran.

Ian C. Meserve Scholarship: Marissa Henry and Dominic Jones.

Dewey Mark Red Parka Pub Scholarship: Grace Castonguay.

North Conway Fire Fighters Association: Marissa Henry.

Saco Canoe Rental Scholarship: Will be awarded to alumni.

Northern Extremes Scholarship: Sophie Stimpson.

Timmy Mulkern Scholarship: Molly Hill.

Napa Redstone Scholarship: Matthew Drootin.

Northway Bank Scholarship: Madelyn Marcotte.

KHS Alumni Association-George T. Davidson Scholarship: Amelia Grace Jarell, Evan Eldridge and Eva Drummond.

KHS Alumni-Jean Fickett Scholarship: Makena Bennett and Abby Lyman.

KHS Alumni-Virginia Small Scholarship: Phoebe Lyons, Ianna Parker, Emily Putnam, Adam Sam and Jackson Gordon.

KHS Alumni Scholarship: Shaelyn Camille, Sophie Stimpson, Marissa Henry, Amelia Petell and Nadia Van Dyne.

KHS Alumni-Ellis W. McKeen: Katherine Keefe, Henry Edmunds and Maggie Miller.

KHS Alumni-Karl Seidenstuecker Scholarship: Samuel Hanson and Braeden Bailey.

Kiwanis Club’s Harold S. Kenney Scholarships: Maggie Miller and Sophie Stimpson.

Kiwanis Club’s John Bell Art Scholarship: Campbell Jillette.

Kiwanis Club’s Sandy Smith Scholarships: Helen Badger and Nadia Van Dyne.

Kiwanis Club’s Charlie Mallar Scholarships: Amelia Grace Jarell and Phoebe Lyons.

East Conway/ Fryeburg Lions Club: Makena Bennett.

Bartlett Recreation Scholarship Fund: Hannah Frittenburg, Sophie Stimpson, Cole Schneider and Braeden Bailey.

Malcolm Fernald Scholarship: Abby Lyman and Campbell Jillette.

Raymond and Nancy Walsh Memorial Scholarship: Skylar Terry and Marcel Bennett.

Olive Godfrey Jackson Community Church: Braeden Bailey, Grace Castonguay, Marissa Henry, Madelyn Marcotte, Margaret Miller and Maeve Weeder.

North Conway Rotary Club Scholarship: Jack Wheeler, Natalie Shaw, Justin Olson and Makena Bennett.

Tamworth Education Association Scholarships: Adam Sam.

Kendal C. and Anna Ham Foundation Scholarships: Calder Mazel and Katherine Keefe.

Ham Foundation four-year Scholarship: Braeden Bailey.

Glenn David Hayes Scholarship: Cole Bradley.

Crowley Family Foundation Scholarship: Malik Memia.

Jasmine Steele Scholarship: Juliana Edwards

Lora Pierce Johnson Scholarship: Dominic Jones and Keili Hayman.

Anna Stickney Chapter of the DAR Scholarships: Mia Valeriani and Amelia Grace Jarell.

Settlers Green/Settlers Crossing Scholarship: Ianna Parker.

Tamworth Scholarships: Sophie Killeen.

Tim Leighton Scholarship: Eva Drummond, Brianna Goldblatt and Abby Lyman.

Alice Barrows Memorial Scholarship: Hannah Frittenburg.

Ruth Haley Memorial Scholarship: Sophie Stimpson.

Moose Lodge Scholarship: Evan Eldridge and Amelia Petell.

Barney Jones Scholarship: Jackson Ogren, Christopher Desmarais, Jeffrey Playdon and Jack Wheeler.

George T. Davidson Scholarship Jr. Scholarship (First Christian Church of Freedom): Jackson Ogren.

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