JACKSON — The Jackson Covered Bridge sustained heavy damage from a tractor-trailer truck Wednesday, Jackson Police Chief Chris Perley said. 

Perley told the Sun a commercial truck unsuccessfully tried to negotiate the bridge from the village side but was too big. The incident happened about 1 p.m.

"It's done significant amount of damage to the front face of the bridge,"said Perley. "There is structural damage as well as cosmetic damage."

The bridge has been closed until further notice, said Perley. 

Perley said the driver's GPS told him to travel through the bridge and was "hesitant" to do that but out of "frustration" he decided to "give it ago" and got stuck about 10 feet in. In backing out the top of the tractor caught the bridge and caused damage.  

The driver was identified ad Brandon D. White, 37, of Fort Worth, Texas. White is being charged with Bridge Overload Violation and Traffic Control Device, which are punishable by fines.

State police may add charges of their own.

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NH Hiker

The Town of Jackson and the State of NH need to install an iron grideracross the entrance to the bridge. The grider should be placed two feet higher than the standard pickup truck size, similiar to the grider that prevents tall vechiles from crossing the Albany Covered Bridge. Damage to the Jackson should come as no surprise as this eems to occur every couple of years.

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