Tany Marquis

Burglary and drug crime suspect Tanya Marquis is lead into Carroll County Superior Court Friday for arraignment/bail hearing. (DAYMOND STEER PHOTO)

OSSIPEE — A homeless woman was in court last Friday facing burglary and drug charges that were allegedly committed while she was already on bail.

Tanya Marquis, 33, was in Carroll County Superior Court on Oct. 4 for a bail arraignment/bail hearing in front of Judge Amy Ignatius.

The prosecutor was Deputy Carroll County Attorney Steven Briden, and the defense was provided by Public Defender Amy Ashworth.

Ashworth entered a plea of not guilty for Marquis.

At the hearing, Marquis was faced with one charge of burglary; five counts of controlled drug act; acts prohibited; and one count of receiving stolen property.

Marquis took the unusual move of speaking out rather than letting Ashworth talk for her.

She pleaded with the judge to allow her to go to treatment. She said some insurance issues had cleared up and she's mentally ready to go to treatment.

"I've been over 24 hours without Suboxone," said Marquis of a medication used to treat opioid addiction. "I've never been so scared of going through this in jail in my life. It's horrible."

Ignatius ordered Marquis held on $2,000 cash but said she would convert it to personal recognizance in the event Marquis is admitted into Hampstead Hospital Detox and a 28-day residential treatment program.

Ignatius said it gave her "real concern" that more charges had been brought against Marquis about two weeks after she was let out on bail.

"If you are able to enter the program, and I hope you are, if you are to leave for any reason other than successfully completing it, such as walking away from it or violating their rules ... a warrant will be issued," said Ignatius.

Briden had noted that Marquis had a history of failure to appear and was now being charged with burglary, among other things. He argued against personal recognizance for cash bail or residential treatment.

The most recent series of alleged crimes occurred Oct. 3 shortly before noon on Pleasant Street, according to a probable cause statement written by Conway police Detective Sgt. Ryan Wallace.

Police were dispatched after residents reported they saw a blonde woman with long hair and black pants and a hat moving around inside their home, which they were moving into, said Wallace.

The woman later identified by police as Marquis told the couple she was the owner's niece. But one of the residents said the owner of the property lives in India, said Wallace.

The residents said when they got home, they saw some of their belongings  outside and that the windows were covered with blankets and towels.

The woman who lived there said Marquis tried to take her coat but she was able to get it back. But she told police the woman got away with her purple purse.

According to Wallace, Conway Police Lt. Chris Mattei saw a woman matching the suspect's description and carrying a purple bag on nearby Greenwood Avenue.

Marquis denied being at the home.

Police said when they searched the bag they found baggies filled with what Marquis confirmed was cocaine and methamphetamine.

Her Oct. 3 arrest came after she was subject to a bail order from Sept. 12 saying she had to remain arrest-free.

On Sept. 11 Conway police had found her in a car parked near the entrance of Echo Lake at about 10:38 p.m., according to a probable cause statement by Conway officer Jonathan Hill.

Hill said he thought it was suspicious to find the Hyundai Tiburon parked there.

Bartlett police were investigating a case where a woman and man were seen leaving a hotel room they did not pay for. In the room were allegedly pill bottles with Marquis' name on them.

During the Echo Lake traffic stop, Hill said he asked Marquis about the incident in Bartlett and she denied knowing anything about it.

A Bartlett police officer arrived at Echo Lake and arrested Marquis.

Conway police, according to the probable cause statement, saw suspicious baggies in plain sight. They applied for and were granted a search warrant.

Criminal complaints from the Echo Lake incident filed by Briden against Marquis allege that Marquis possessed cocaine, marijuana and a Brooks shoe stolen from L.L. Bean.

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