Is there extra-terrestrial life up there? Many presidential candidates have weighed in on the topic thanks to a Sun reporter's probing questions.

CONWAY — The Sun has been asking presidential candidates for federal offices about UFOs since 2015, when we lobbed the question at Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton, whose campaign chief, John Podesta, had long been a UFO disclosure advocate.

Although she never got the chance, Clinton replied with a laugh that after being elected, she would "get to the bottom of it."

The story went viral, spanning the globe to news outlets like London's Daily Mail and even newspapers in India.

This election cycle, Democrat Andrew Yang of New York visited the Sun March of last year.

Asked the question, he said: “I’m very curious about UFOs.I have a feeling they probably do exist.”

His response about UFOs sparked an article in Newsweek, which said: "For years, New Hampshire newspaper The Conway Daily Sun has pressed potential presidential candidates barnstorming the early primary state about their stance on UFO disclosure."

The response of Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Min.), referring to the possibility of opening the older X-files, caught the attention of Fox News and New York Magazine.

"One of the Democratic presidential candidates made an out-of-this-world promise campaign promise," said Fox's Steve Doocy. "You're gonna wanna hear it."

Klobuchar said, "Why can’t you see if you can let some of that out for the public so earnest journalists like you who are trying to get the bottom of the truth would be able to see it?” she asked rhetorically."

On its weekly "Approval Matrix," New York Magazine rated Klobuchar's UFO comments to be both "high brow" and "brilliant."

For his part, Democrat Pete Buttigieg, who was a former lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserve, responded to the question by saying, "Well, strange things happen out there, and I think it's important for there to be processes for anybody who observes strange things — especially in the military."

His response was fodder for Coast to Coast's website. (Coast to Coast is a late-night radio show that covers conspiracies and the paranormal.)

"Thanks to the diligent work of reporter Daymond Steer, the publication has consistently managed to get politicians passing through the state ahead of next month's primary to weigh in on the phenomenon to the point that the inquiry is almost to be expected and has been dubbed the 'UFO question,'" writes Coast to Coast's Tim Binnall.

The Daily Sun's chosen candidate, U.S. Bernie Sanders of Vermont had already told podcaster Joe Rogan that his wife would demand he disclose the truth about UFOs and Sanders offered to do it on Rogan's show.

The Sun followed up by asking Sanders, when he visited the newsroom, whether studying the Tic Tac-shaped UFO could possibly lead to green technology.

"Let's not jump the gun!" said Sanders, waving his hands.

"Of course we have to explore that, if it is true," said Sanders, adding he would be willing to see if the Tic Tac was using advanced green technology. "Presumably they are coming from a rather long distance away."

Other responses:

• U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo): “Our guys are seeing unidentified stuff. They don’t know what it is. And I don’t know what it is. I don’t think they’re saying that it’s necessarily things from outer space, but it’s unexplained stuff. That’s. That’s off the Southeast coast of the United States and off the California coast.

“We’re trying to learn more about it. The Air Force is trying to learn more about it.”

• Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii): "It's not something I have been spending a lot of time on."

• Former Massachusetts Gov, Deval Patrick: "I have met ... pilots, commercial pilots, who have said that there are things that they've seen in the night sky, mostly the night sky.

"I used to be on the board of an airline, I talked to pilots who told me about that sort of thing."

• Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld: “So I do think life is out there. Do I think it’s intelligent life? Yeah, I think it’s probably more intelligent than us homo sapiens,” he said.

“So does that admit the possibility of space exploration by them? It does. I mean, it’s a little too convenient to have it be a flying saucer thing. I think it might take some other form that we couldn’t see so readily, but I would never say never.”

Weld also said, "One thing I do very much believe in is people can remember by having stored in their brain cells that came down from their grandmother and their grandfather things that happened a couple hundred years ago."

The question has recently sparked even greater fame for the Sun. Vice on Thursday published an article that said: "Daymond Steer, a journalist for a local New Hampshire newspaper, keeps asking politicians and presidential hopefuls about UFOs, and it is the best thing ever," said writer MJ Banias.

The column was headlined: "This Reporter Keeps Asking Presidential Candidates About UFOs and It's Amazing."

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