John Knott

John Knott is seen in a police mugshot. (POLICE PHOTO)

OSSIPEE — A former Canaan man was found guilty of committing aggravated felonious sexual assault two years ago against a then 9-year-old girl in a North Conway hotel.

The Carroll County Attorney’s Office and the Conway Police Department jointly announced the conviction of John Knott, 63, former of Canaan and more recently of Alexandria on that charge.

The assault occurred on or about the April 15-23, 2017.

Lead counsel for the state was County Attorney Michaela Andruzzi, aided by Assistant County Attorney Thomas Palermo before a jury in Carroll County Superior Court.

The jury deliberated for less than one hour on Oct. 10 before returning the unanimous guilty verdict.

The case was originally tried in late May 2019 and resulted in a hung jury.

The victim, whose name is withheld in accordance with the county attorney's  privacy policies, was nine years old at the time and is autistic.

The County Attorney’s arguments to the jury focused on the selection of a vulnerable victim, someone the defendant hoped would not speak or, alternatively, not be believed.

The Carroll County Attorney’s Office and the Conway Police Department said they are grateful for the hard work of the officers involved, which included officer Ryan True and Jonathan Hill.

They also thanked the cross-jurisdictional working relationship with Jody Thompson of the Grafton County Child Advocacy Center, and Sam Provenza of the Canaan Police Department, who is now with the New Hampshire State Police.

The Carroll County Superior Court has scheduled the sentencing hearing for Knott on Nov. 27, at 9:30 a.m.

He is being held without bail at the Carroll County House of Corrections.

The maximum sentence is 10-30 years in the New Hampshire State Prison.

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