CONWAY — For the second time this year, activists on Friday will descend upon the Four Corners in Conway Village to participate in a Global Climate Strike.

The first one took place Sept. 20, when a series of international strikes and protests took place to demand that action be taken to address climate change.

Drawing 100 people, September's protest was one of the largest to be held at the Four Corners in recent memory.

The Global Climate Strike was inspired by Greta Thunberg, 16, of Sweden, who along with other children filed a complaint against the United Nations, alleging that five of the world’s major economies violated their human rights by not taking action to stop the unfolding climate crisis.

According to local organizer Anna Johnston, the Mount Washington Valley Climate Action Network is not only planning a protest at the Four Corners but also a climate action resources fair in the Ham Community Room at the nearby Conway Public Library on Friday.

The strike will occur from 2-3:30 p.m. and the resources fair from 3:30-4:30 p.m.

"Science shows that the effects of climate change will impact us in the Mount Washington Valley and across the world. We must act now. All of us can make small changes in our lifestyle that together will make a difference for our children," Johnston said in an email to the Sun.

"We are hoping to send the message that you can make a difference and there are lots of opportunities to get involved, whether it is just making lifestyle changes like recycling more or refusing single use plastic, or getting politically active in the issue of climate change," she said.

Groups what will have materials and/or representatives available include Watershed Warrior Initiative, Protect our Winter and the AMC, said Johnston.

Johnston, 43, of North Conway is the mother of two elementary-school-age children.

Johnston is organizing Friday's strike with Kim Murdoch, 43, of Conway.

Murdoch has two children ages 15 and 13 and has been involved with non-profits for the past 20 years, she said.

"Climate change is real, and the time for global action is now," she said. "We encourage children and adults from throughout the Mount Washington Valley to join us this Friday in a united stand for the planet, and for the future."

"This one coincides with the UN meeting on climate change in Madrid, Spain," said Johnston. "It is an international strike event."

Demands listed on include:

• Transform our economy to 100 percent clean, renewable energy by 2030 and phase out all fossil fuel extraction.

• Halt all leasing and permitting for fossil fuel extraction, processing and infrastructure projects.

• Honor the treaties protecting indigenous lands, waters and sovereignty by the immediate halt of all construction, leasing and permitting for resource extraction, processing and infrastructure projects affecting indigenous lands.

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