I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. John and I were thrilled to have had our four sons, daughters-in-law and seven grandchildren at our home on Christmas Eve for dinner.

After we had eaten and exchanged gifts, we announced that magic time was about to take place and all of the kids had to put on their boots and coats and head out to the deck. Our deck looks out onto the back side of Pleasant Mountain and the sky often glows pink from the lights at Shawnee Peak. Everyone rushed outside and stood waiting in the chilly air until we heard a faint jingle of bells coming from the edge of the woods. The kids’ eyes lit up when they realized that Santa was walking toward us through the snow. He slowly ho, ho, hoed his way to the deck.

About halfway to us the red lights from the groomer appeared on top of the mountain. Our 8-year-old Iver shouted, “Its Rudolph! The sleigh just dropped Santa off!” It was one of those moments that no one could have planned so perfectly and the kids all screamed with excitement. Even the big kids believed for one more year that Santa really does exist. I’ll never glance out of my kitchen window at that blinking red light during ski season again without reliving that moment.

Are you a lover of puzzles? I always had a stack of them when I was a kid and would spend hours putting them together, the more complicated the better. Beginning on Jan. 5 you can join the new puzzle group at the Fryeburg Public Library.

On the first Wednesday of each month at 1 p.m. you can stop by the library to socialize and test your ingenuity. You don’t need a library card to attend. New 300-, 500- and 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles will be provided or you can bring your own. Call the library at (207) 935-2731 for more information.

On Tuesday, Jan. 11, at 4 p.m., the Fryeburg Public Library will host a program, “Behind the Veil.” Karen McCarthy will present a talk about her 23 years as a Catholic nun in Massachusetts. This program will be held in the Weston Room.

The library also plans to host a Dungeons and Dragons workshop in February and March at the Fryeburg Recreation Center. Hosted by Master Lloyd Metcalf, you can learn how to be a dungeon master, host games and recruit players. All supplies are provided by the library. I’ll keep you posted with dates and times soon.

The third Monday of the January, which is on Jan. 17 this year, is observed as Martin Luther King Jr. Day. King was a prominent civil rights figure known for his efforts to abolish racial segregation in the United States and promote racial equality. On this day, his life and accomplishments are remembered and celebrated.

“January, in ermine cloak,

With crystal spangles dight,

He gave the queen an Ivy crown,

And her fair shoulders white

He happ’d with tender ferny Moss

From many a cosy nook,

Or from the rounded boulders warm

Beside the frozen brook.”

— James Rigg, “The Progress of Queen Flora, Adorned by a Hundred Wild Flowers,” Wild Flower Lyrics and Other Poems, 1897

Robin Johnson can be contacted ravenstone54@hotmail.com.

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