Happy New Year to all. I wish everyone good health, joy, friendship, happiness, laughter and a lot of love. Be kind, be thoughtful, give of yourself, get rid of negative thoughts, help your family, friends and neighbors. I hope 2022 will be gentle and hopeful for you.

The Town of Eaton seeks a deputy clerk. It is with sincere gratitude that we bid Ele Border farewell as Eaton’s deputy clerk and support her renewed focus on the many other ways that she serves our community. We all recognize and applaud Ele’s willingness to assist in a time of transition. Besides her expertise, she has provided steadfast support, innovative ideas and a keen sense of humor. Ele, the people of Eaton thank you!

Needless to say, the Eaton town clerk/tax collector now seeks a part-time deputy. Applicants must reside in Eaton and ideally be able to work Monday 8 a.m. to noon, Tuesday 2 to 6 p.m., elections days and conferences. Interested applicants must also be comfortable with computers, professional, custom service oriented and able to learn new programs. Kindness and a good sense of humor are a plus. The application for employment is available at eatonnh.org and may be submitted (please no phone calls) to: eatonnhtc@gmail.com, P.O. Box 118, Eaton, NH 03832 or directly to the town hall.

I want to thank all you Eaton neighbors for lighting up the banks of Crystal Lake and Long Pond with your Christmas trees. Last night, I counted two on the lake and four on the pond. I cannot tell you how seeing those lit trees warms my heart and soul; you are so special to give us all something to brighten our evening and give us peace.

I heard that about 40 people came down to our Little White Church at 5:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve to ring our special bell, sing carols and share happy thoughts with each other. May this be the year our lives will be easier, simpler, and getting together will be safe. Little White Church, we love you.

Make sure to sign the petitions for the Town Warrant articles hanging by the post office. I always sign them all, because someone has written up the petition and will speak about it at the town meeting. Then we can each make our votes count one way or the other. Listening to the reasons behind the petitions makes everything clear.

Congratulations to Aiden Costello and Cameron Fusco for making the High Honor Roll for Kennett seniors recently. If I missed anyone else, please let me know.

The Eaton Community Circle would like to thank all who were involved with the takeout luncheon on Dec. 11: The workers, the bakers of food, sandwiches, lasagna, soup, plus cookies and brownies, and to everyone who placed orders. Thanks for making this day so successful; we raised $578 for the Eaton Community Circle Scholarship Fund.

Congratulations to Rose and Bill Valle, the new storekeepers at our Eaton Village Store. The store is spruced up, painted and brighter than ever. Please come down and see what has changed but still keeping our country store quaint and lovely (I do have a window in the new wall).

This week, Bill and Rose will be making great breakfast and lunch items to satisfy our friends and neighbors. I cannot wait to feast my eyes on the new menu. I wish the Valles the best of luck in their new adventure in our lovely village.

Naturally, I would like to wish my special friends Kate, Justin, Poppy and Ruby Armenio the very best in their next chapter. You served us well and we will miss you a lot. Aren’t we here in Eaton the luckiest town ever?

Nancy E. Williams can be contacted at (603) 447-5635.

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