I do believe our small world is opening up again, and I couldn’t be happier. The Eaton Village Store has been cleaned, redesigned and spruced up in time for this past weekend, Memorial Day. Kate, Justin, Poppy and Ruby welcome you to come in to see the new layout and some new items that they are stocking. For now, masks are required, but they will reassess that soon.

Gradually, they will be returning to more normal hours, and Justin will send an announcement at the beginning of the week (usually on Eaton Ears). This month they are doing take-out only, but you can call or come on in to order. The Rt. 153 burger is back, along with the Turkey Reuben and many breakfast items. Hopefully, there will be more outside seating, but EVS plans to be open for indoor dining by the 4th of July. Friday night is still pizza night, so order by Thursday and choose a pick-up time for Friday between 4:30-6:30 p.m. Welcome back to my Eaton Village Store and thank you to the Armenio family.

The Eaton Town Hall is open now as well, no masks required. The board of selectmen will be meeting the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, from 4-6 p.m. beginning on July 6. Are we really getting back to normal?

The Snowvillage Inn has been hopping lately, with dining on the porch now an option. It is so lovely to watch the sun set over the mountains as you sip a cocktail or dine on their gourmet food items. Thank you to Josh and everyone in the kitchen for this awesome food. Thanks to Jen, Kevin, Carrie, Karen, Jenna, Darlene, Brittany, Shirley and to just everyone who makes the Inn so special. I was lucky enough to celebrate another “birthday” dinner and overnight a week ago, this time for Colleen. The Inn couldn’t have been more accommodating to the four of us. We love you all. How lucky we are.

I’m anxiously awaiting the opening of the Inn at Crystal Lake with its Palmer House Pub. There have been some guests, but like everyone in the valley, Bobby and Tim are still looking for staff. Let’s go workers. I worked in high school, summers and even a few years during my Christmas and February vacations from teaching at Amesbury High School, at Rockhouse Mountain Farm waitressing and cleaning rooms. It is time to get back to work.

I know that Peter, Colton and Marylou Dow have been very busy building barn doors and putting up fences, and sprucing things up on the Farm. Now, on Fridays and Saturdays, you can stop by to buy Peter’s Brown Bread ($7) and pick up organic eggs ($6) right at the Farm Stand. I hope they will bring back their Saturday pizza and those mouth-watering croissants and cookies very soon. We all love Little Field Farm. I cannot wait for the great produce to come.

Many families are celebrating this long weekend for the first time in ages being able to have a larger family/friends outing. However, I hope every one of you is remembering with pride and gratitude the American men and women who served and died for our country, for our rights as Americans. Freedom isn’t free; it is with much sacrifice to all those who lost loved ones who paid the ultimate price for all of our freedoms. Remember to honor those who have passed and give a thank you to those who are still fighting for YOU. Yes, honor and remember on this special weekend.

By now you should have received your tax bills, and I hope you found your beach passes inside the envelope as well. The Eaton Beach guards, Elaine Weathers and Suzanne Raiche, will be checking passes, counting cars and reminding those boaters about milfoil. This is their job, so bring your passes with you (they have a town list), and please cooperate with these lovely ladies who get tanner than any two people I know (I’m just jealous). Remember that the Eaton Beach is for Eaton taxpayers and families only. If you are renting, you’ll have to get a pass from your landlord. 

Always remember to be courteous and kind and pack up everything you came in with. You may not leave trash at the Beach. Just like others in the Valley, we want our Beach to be pristine and clean. Absolutely no dogs or animals at the Beach ever. Let’s make this a happy and carefree summer; I think we all deserve that. 

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