Since the new year began there has been a great deal that the selectmen have discussed at their meetings. It was learned that James Doherty of Target NE came to look at the steeple atop the chapel and will be sending the town an estimate for tearing off the old shingles, putting water shield down and re-shingling the steeple. The estimate has been received: $27,100. There has been no decision made at this time.

Also the selectmen have been waiting to hear from the Library Trustees regarding the issuance of library cards. To this point, there have been no answers. They were also awaiting answers from Tom Holmes regarding the 2021 spreadsheet used to calculate the town expenses.

At the Feb. 3 selectmen’s meeting, Town Moderator Ed Alkalay brought up the question of time and place of the town meeting and elections. He feels that the town should keep these as they normally would occur: March 9 or 10. He suggested using either Kennett Middle School’s gym where seating and social distancing could occur. This brought on a great deal of discussion: Was the gym really the best location since it was a closed area.

Selectman Rick Hiland thought the warrant articles would bring in a large number of people and questioned whether it might not be better to wait for warmer weather and hold the meeting outdoors. The date of March 10 for town elections is scheduled to go forward.

From what is known, the school board plans to meet in March.

Should the town meeting be put off to a later date, some services will have to be put off until such time as the items can be voted on in the budget. However, the selectmen voted on adding the Parks and Recreation amount back into the budget on Feb. 3, thus assuring the town will make its March, 2021 payment to Conway and Albany kids will be able to participate in the spring programs.

At the Feb. 10 selectmen’s meeting, the decision will be made regarding time and place for Town Meeting.

There was a public hearing held at 6 p.m. on Feb. 3 on the budget and warrant articles. At that meeting, the selectmen went over the budget line by line. You can check this on the town’s website. The total of the proposed town budget is $755,597. The anticipated revenue is $543,285.

There was also a vote on the warrant articles for 2021. Of the 20 articles, all but two were passed by the selectmen.

Gibson Center: During these pandemic times the center offers lunch pick-up from 11:30 to 12:15 p.m.

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