Lisa Horne-Costello Award

Lisa Horne, Sandy Stowell’s daughter who lives with Sandy, who recently retired from the military, received the Costello Award for Steadfast Perseverance in the Face of Overwhelming Adversity. (COURTESY PHOTO)

The selectmen met as usual on Oct. 7 with Chair Rick Hiland and Town Administrator Kelley Collins physically at the meeting. With them was Cathy Ryan, deputy town clerk/tax collector. On the phone was Selectman Joe Ferris and Dorothy Solomon.

Among the things the selectmen took up was the resignation of Town Clerk/Tax Collector DeAnn LeBlanc. Her deputy, Cathy Ryan, was appointed to the job. Ryan, who was at the meeting, submitted a written recommendation to appoint Mathew Parker, who had been groomed to take over for Ryan as deputy town clerk/tax collector. Both were voted to take over their new jobs.

For several weeks selectmen Hiland and Ferris have been seeking a new select person to take Ryan’s place. After interviewing Captain Glenn Zeiders the select board appointed him to the vacant selectman’s position. He will take his place on the board until town meeting in March when an election by the town’s people will take place.

Work has begun on the repairs needed to the chapel. Hopefully the painting of the outside will start shortly.

Lisa Horne, Sandy Stowell’s daughter who lives with Sandy, has recently retired from the military. As many of you know, Lisa had a devastating injury from a motorcycle accident. That has not stopped her though.

On Oct. 11, she received the Costello Award for Steadfast Perseverance in the Face of Overwhelming Adversity from the Littleton Veterans4Veterans group. She is continuing her work with physical therapy. We salute you, Lisa!

Gibson: There will be a virtual PSO Concert at the Center on Oct. 22 at 1 p.m. Tickets are $12 per person. The concert will be on a Big Screen TV with surround sound and you’ll be sitting in comfortable chairs. Call (603) 356-3231 to sign up.

RSVP is in need of Volunteer Transportation Drivers. No minimum commitment to drive. Contact Angelica Kitsis at (603) 356-9331 if you can help.

Settlers Green will be hosting its first ever Boo Bash, a safe and family-friendly evening outdoors to celebrate Halloween on Oct. 23. It will be highlighted with kids costume parades at 5 p.m. and a free outdoor movie ("Hocus Pocus") at 6 p.m. Bring your own chair or blanket, wear your mask and socially distance yourself.

The colors are still beautiful. With care, get out and enjoy them. Be safe.

Send your news to Mary Leavitt at (603) 367-9133 or Dorothy Solomon at (603) 447-1199.

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