CHOCORUA — Come explore Chocorua Lake with an investigation of flora and fauna, and search for signs of invasive aquatic plants.

On Friday, Aug. 7, from 8 to 10:30 a.m., join Chocorua Lake Conservancy Stewardship Director Lynne Flaccus for a Chocorua Lake Paddle.

Meet at the island public access parking area and head to the north shore to where the Chocorua River enters and beyond, learning about the plants and other aquatic species native to the lake and region, and how to differentiate them from potential invasive species.

Many different kinds of native plants and animals can be found in the lake and August is a wonderful time to explore.

While paddling, what is found will be identified, and participants will search for any sign of exotics that shouldn’t be there. There will be ID sheets that will help in the detective work.

This will be an informal paddle but this is an opportunity to learn about what’s in the lake and what to look for when out on the lake on your own and how to reduce the chances of spreading exotics when you move your own equipment from place to place.

Amy Smagula from the N.H. Department of Environmental Services has provided us with some “Weed Watcher Kits” which we will supply to anyone who might be interested in more formal exotic species patrols.

Perhaps the trip will trigger a passion for becoming a Weed Watcher on Chocorua, or on another of your favorite ponds or lakes. Want a primer in advance, go to to watch “Protecting Our Lakes from Aquatic Invasive Species,” a webinar with Smagula.

Participants should call ahead at (603) 323-6252 or email Masks, your own canoe or kayak, paddle and life jacket are required. Once on the water in the fresh air, masks can be removed while paddling and use social distancing.

Flaccus has 30 years of experience in land conservation and stewardship, managing protected properties, studying wildlife and educating adults and children.

This event is one in a series of Chocorua Lake Conservancy programs held throughout the year to encourage people of all ages to enjoy Chocorua Lake and the trails and woods that surround it, and to learn more about the natural world we inhabit.

Go to for information, and follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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