CONWAY — Saco River Medical Group, a rural health clinic serving patients of the Mount Washington Valley, has been recognized as one of the top rural primary care practices in the United States according to the 2021 Lilypad Awards, the first and only ranking program for the more than 4,600 rural health clinics in the country.

The Lilypad Awards recognize rural health clinics that outperform their rural primary care practice peers in terms of efficiency and operational excellence.

Dr. Ross Emery, president of Saco River Medical, congratulated the staff on the award.

He said: “Saco River Medical Group would like to congratulate all of its medical support staff, office support staff and medical providers for their dedication, caring and strong team work. It’s great to see that our quality of care is recognized not only by our community but also the data. We’re particularly proud to be recognized as one of the top five independent rural health centers in the Northeast. Saco River Medical Group has tested thousands of patients for COVID-19 while never stopping our commitment to provide excellent preventative care and urgent care to our patients.”

Using data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid program to calculate rural-relevant metrics across five domains, the Lilypad Awards provide a comprehensive and objective assessment of rural health clinic performance.

The awards evaluate both provider-based (hospital-owned) and independent practices to produce a comprehensive ranking system for every rural health clinic in the nation. The top five organizations in each of five geographic regions earned the 2021 Lilypad Award Top Clinic recognition.

Saco River Medical Group is a physician- and advanced practice provider-owned and operated independent primary and urgent care practice in the Mount Washington Valley. With group of 12 providers, including physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, Saco River Medical provides primary care, pediatrics and urgent care services, and has onsite lab and X-ray.

Lilypad is a Maine-based analytics firm founded in 2011 to provide mobile and web-based performance improvement applications for health-care provider organizations and state offices of rural health. 

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