The U.S. Marine Corps will be featured in a concert being provided virtually by the Friends of Wolfeboro Music on Sunday, May 23, at 7:30 p.m. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Wolfeboro Friends of Music is proud to present the United State Marine Corps Band, “The President’s Own.” The concert will be provided virtually on Sunday, May 23, at 7:30 p.m.

To hear this concert, simply email to request the link to the special YouTube channel. The link will be released the afternoon prior to concert time and sent to your email address. Access to this WFOM virtual concert is free of charge.

Established by an Act of Congress in 1798, the U.S. Marine Corps Band is America’s oldest continuously active professional musical organization. Its mission is unique — to provide music for the president of the United States and the commandant of the Marine Corps.

President John Adams invited the Marine Band to make its White House debut on New Year’s Day, 1801, in the then-unfinished Executive Mansion.

In March of that year, the band performed for Thomas Jefferson’s inauguration and it is believed that it has performed for every presidential inaugural since. In Jefferson, the band found its most visionary advocate. An accomplished musician himself, Jefferson recognized the unique relationship between the band and the Chief Executive and he is credited with giving the Marine Band its title, “The President’s Own.”

Whether performing for State Dinners or South Lawn arrivals, events of national significance, or receptions, Marine Band musicians appear at the White House an average of 200 times each year. These performances range from small ensembles such as a solo pianist, jazz combo or brass quintet to a country band, dance band or full concert band.

The diversity of music often presented at the Executive Mansion makes versatility an important requirement for Marine Band members. Musicians are selected at auditions much like those of major symphony orchestras, and they enlist in the U.S. Marine Corps for permanent duty with the Marine Band. Most of today’s members are graduates of the nation’s finest music schools, and more than 60 percent hold advanced degrees in music.

The Marine Band’s integral role in the national culture and in the government’s official life has affirmed the importance of the arts as a bridge between people.

Since 1798, the Marine Band’s mission has been to provide music for the president of the United States and the commandant of the Marine Corps. As the only musical organization with that mission, the Marine Band looks to the future, viewing its history and tradition as the foundation upon which to build its third century of bringing music to the White House and to the American people.

In past seasons, WFOM has depended on ticket sales, advertisers and sponsors to sustain itself. This year, WFOM would be immensely appreciative if listeners would make a donation on the Friends website or mail a donation to WFOM, P.O. Box 2056, Wolfeboro, NH 03894. 

The “President’s Own” is the final performance from Wolfeboro Friends of Music’s 85th spring seasons.

Watch for upcoming news about the 86th concert season series. Next season’s series will feature Heifetz on Tour, New England Flute Orchestra, Meadowlarks Trio, Reel McCoys, Krokedileos, and much more. 

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