Members of Madison Fire Rescue, along with Center Ossipee firefighters, receive training Oct. 26 in Madison in extrication techniques for safely getting victims out of vehicles after an accident. (COURTESY PHOTO)

MADISON — On Oct. 26, the Madison Fire Rescue, along with the Center Ossipee Fire Department, conducted a vehicle stabilization and extrication training behind the Madison fire station.

The training was conducted by First Due Training Solutions.

Attendees learned about the principles of stabilizing vehicles in different real world scenarios.

Basics were taught for vehicles resting on all four wheels before moving on to more advanced training,  such as vehicles on their side and vehicles on top of other vehicles.

Throughout the training, the safety of responders and patients was stressed, including using instructors as patients to practice protecting the patient during the extrication process.

Multiple protection scenarios were employed. Practicing multiple scenarios in a training environment gives firefighters the opportunity to learn what methods work best in different scenarios.

Dave Cribbie, deputy fire chief for Madison Fire Rescue, said: “Special thanks go out to First Due Training Solutions of Center Ossipee for leading this great training event. They bring a wealth of knowledge from various backgrounds.

“Additionally, a big thank you goes to Ricker Auto Salvage of Tamworth for providing and transporting the cars for the training,” Cribbie said, adding, “They have continually supported local fire departments for many years.”

Cribbie encouraged anyone who might be interested in joining their local fire department to see how they can help.

“With the busy lifestyles of today all departments can use all of the help they can get. For further information on how you can help, speak with your local department.”

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