02-23-22 Women Leaders smiles

Local women leaders (from left) Joy Tarbell, Donna Woodward, Janice Crawford, and Brenda Leavitt smile together while meeting up at the Met Cafe in North Conway Village in February. (RACHEL SHARPLES PHOTO)

CONWAY — Local business women Janice Crawford, Brenda Leavitt, Joy Tarbell and Donna Woodward have launched Smart Tank to provide mentorship and funding for ideas presented by chosen applicants.

The project is designed to encourage individuals with side gigs, opportunities within current employment, or already established entrepreneurs to bring fresh perspectives to their goals and funding for small projects within their plans.

Smart Tank applications can be found atsmarttankmwv.com. Funding of ideas will be done via interest bearing loans up to $5,000 per applicant. Further funding may be available in the future.

The selection process starts with the application so paying attention to detail and including all

documents as required will be a first step in being chosen to present ideas before the funding committee. Send all completed applications to smarttankmwv@gmail.com.

Smart TanK is looking for applicants that feel confident in their ability to start or to continue their success in their chosen project with the hope of including at least five to ten applicants in the final process of presenting their ideas requiring funding in a similar fashion as “Shark Tank.”

Those not chosen in the first round are invited to take advantage of mentoring, workshops and or personal guidance from one of the mentors and may be referred to the next session of funding from Smart Tank.

Having collectively completed over 100 years of experience in running successful businesses and organizations in the valley, the Mentors have learned many keys to success and established a network of people who are willing to assist in the support of the valley’s entrepreneurial population.

If you are interested, go to www.smarttankmwv.com to start the application process. All applications are confidential.

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