The 19th century-era Millbrook building at Purity Spring Resort is to be razed, a resort spokesman said. (COURTESY PHOTO)

MADISON — Purity Spring Resort is set to begin removing its Millbrook building this month, according to Thomas Prindle, director of marketing for the family-owned resort located off Route 153 in East Madison.

The decision to take down the Millbrook building was not an easy one for the Hoyt family, owners of the resort, Prindle said. However, he said it became apparent that age has taken its toll and that the building has reached the end of its usable life.

Located along the southern side of Route 153, the Millbrook building has not accommodated guests since 2018. It was once home to the main office and check-in desk of Purity Spring, but functional aspects for welcoming guests to the lodging property have since been moved across the street to The Mill building on the edge of Purity Lake.

During the building removal project, the resort will stay open accommodating guests in its many other lodging accommodations.

Millbrook began its existence as the “Blaisdell Cottage,” a saltbox-style home built in the 1800s using timbers hewn at a lakeside mill owned by the Blaisdell family.

Sometime after 1852, Nicholas Blaisdell, who was overseeing the operations of the thriving mill business, and wife Martha Hood welcomed her sister Mercy Hood and husband Edward Eaton Hoyt, a successful auctioneer from New York City. The couple ended up purchasing a nearby farmhouse as a vacation property, and the Hoyt name would forever become part of Purity Lake.

Eventually known as Millbrook, Milt and Fran Hoyt made the former Blaisdell residence their home in 1944, and they would raise their five children — Ted, Bob, Laura, Kathy and Susie Hoyt — there while the lodging business that Milt’s parents, Edward Jr. and Gertrude Hoyt, had begun in 1911 grew.

Milt would initiate the development of Tohkomeupog Summer Camp For Boys as well as King Pine Ski Area.

Located between the Lakes Region and White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Hoyt family businesses include Purity Spring Resort, King Pine Ski Area, Tohkomeupog Summer Camp for Boys and Danforth Bay Camping & RV Resort. For more information, go to or call (603) 367-8896.

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