CONWAY — Kennett High Varsity Baseball Head Coach Josh McAllister and KHS JV Bullpen Coach and Cal Ripken Winter Baseball Director David “Doc” Walker have to announced an exciting new change to the annual Cal Ripken Winter Baseball program. The intent of the change is to be able to continue to provide high quality coaching and consistent facilities to ensure that the program will remain healthy for many years to come.

The program will essentially be the same as the Cal Ripken Winter Ball Program directed by Doc Walker for the last 12 years. The basic difference is that the program is now a KHS Baseball Program, with the distinct advantage that now we are going to be able to have the program in the KHS gym at no charge, use KHS baseball equipment, and have KHS baseball players to help supplement our usual Cal Ripken coaches.

All players in the MWV between the ages of 7-12 years old are eligible for the program. The fee for the program will be $35 and will include six consecutive training session beginning on Sunday, March 3, and running through Sunday, April 14. All sessions will run from 10 a.m. to noon in the gymnasium at Kennett High School. The Kennett Baseball Program is also offering a free KHS Baseball T-shirt to the first 60 players to enroll to wear during the program.

All proceeds from the spring training program will be donated from the Kennett Baseball Program back to the MWV Cal Ripken league to help offset ever increasing equipment and league costs.

This year, we will have a Bullpen station at each session. The players will be limited to those who have already been Cal Ripken pitchers or catchers in previous seasons. Bullpen players will not be doing other stations except for hitting station. Catchers are expected to wear cups and bring their catching equipment if possible.

Due to limited space availability and the amount of players expected to take advantage of this program, there will be no viewing/seating areas inside the gym. Parents are welcome to wait in the lobby area outside the gym during the practice session.

There will be no formal session for Program registration. Forms will be available via email and fees collected at the first session. Also, registration or any questions should be directed to Doc Walker at (603) 356-5050 and

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