Mountain Meisters - Week 10 - Dave Paulger snowboarding

Snowboarder Dave Paulger makes his way down the course Wednesday during Week 10 of Mountain Meisters at Cranmore Mountain Resort in North Conway. This was the final race of the 50th season of the largest weekly citizen’s racing program in the nation.  (JOE VIGER PHOTO)

CONWAY — Week 10 of the 50th anniversary season of Cranmore Mountain Meisters in North Conway featured the annual Jen’s Friends Day fundraiser.

It started Wednesday with a little sun and then overcast skies with temps in the 50s. It was an interesting day with the snow conditions, as the course turned into a bobsled course and we did our best to keep it slipped out.

If you stayed in the berm you were safe; if you got outside you didn’t have a good time. We did have one bad crash and want to send out a get better soon to Kathy Baltz. She is a trooper and even though she needed a ride down, she was more worried about the Mountain Mamas team lunch she had prepared for today. Feel better soon, Kathy!

We had just under 300 Meisters racing this week. For the men, Alec Tarberry took the top spot with a time of 24.30 seconds. Tim Simoneau took second and Richie Scanlon rounded out the top three.

For the women, Maddie Glavin took first place with a 25.80, Kayla Morin placed second and Maggie Flynn finished third.

In the telemark field, Jeff Ogren took the top spot this week and Martha Leich was once again first for the women.

For the snowboarders, Jeff Frechette took the top spot for the day with a 31.31, Alan Harris placed second and Trevor Kupetz was third. For the women, Kari Wright was the only woman and took the top spot.

As always, we had our Tuckerman’s promo going on and a great lunch special. If you found a Tuckerman’s Brewery sticker on your beer, you won a prize.

We will be doing our last big virtual raffle next week before we hand out awards. Awards will be handed out at Tuckerman’s Brewery from 2-7 p.m. Come down pick up your award and enjoy a beer out in the beer garden. Rain date is TBD if needed. Final results will be posted on the website by this weekend, and on the Meister Facebook page.

The pay-to-play benefit for Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation this week raised $1,621. Thanks to all Meisters who donated (some large donations) and tried their luck with multiple runs.

The Meister Crew and I would like to thank all the racers this year. We had a great year even though things were a bit different and I was very happy that we were able to pull this off. Hope to see people next week at Tuckerman’s and enjoy the rest of the season. Thanks!

Please go to the Mountain Meisters link at to check your scores. Email if you have any questions.

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